Did you know that your local pharmacy can help you with a lot of minor ailments; and a lot of treatments are covered by the NHS Pharmacy First.

Do you need to see the GP?
Sometimes the GP is not the most appropriate Healthcare Professional to deal with your ailment. Please see the information on see a Doctor or Healthcare Professional, which might help you decide whether a GP appointment is truly necessary or whether it might be better for you to see a Pharmacist, Optician, Dentist or other Healthcare Professional who are funded by the NHS to provide services to patients. You can even self-refer for some services without seeing your GP.

For real life-threatening emergencies such as those below – RING 999

Chest pain (suspected heart attack)

Suspected stroke

Suspected meningitis

Anaphylactic shock (severe allergy)

Heavy bleeding or deep lacerations

Fluctuating levels of consciousness or completely unconscious

Difficulty breathing or stopped breathing with a change in colour

New seizure, fit or uncontrollable shaking

For immediately serious conditions such as the following, GO TO Emergency Department (A&E) IMMEDIATELY

  • A fever and lethargic (drowsy) child
  • A feverish and floppy (unresponsive) infant
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sudden, severe abdominal pain
  • Accidental or intentional overdose of medication
  • Trauma (including falls) and possible broken bones or road traffic accident

Please note that we cannot give advice to you when you are overseas.

Patients who have a problem outwith the surgery opening hours that can’t wait until the surgery reopens should contact NHS24 by dialling 111.

If you have an urgent problem and askmyGP is closed for the day, please ring the surgery on 01563 523593 during opening hours.

Ask my GP

Using askmyGP to contact us

How to register

Once registered you can login, answer a few simple questions and send into the GP Team. We aim to respond ideally within a few hours and certainly on the same day where possible, if requests are made before 4:00pm.

Please help us to help you by using askmyGP, so the phone lines are not clogged for those who have no internet or smartphone.

If you wish to speak to your Doctor

Patients who wish to speak to a GP

If you require to speak to a GP, please make a request via askmyGP.  Click here to register or make a request.

Requesting an appointment

Marnock Medical Group is constantly striving to provide a first class and innovative medical model for the people of Kilmarnock and Kilmaurs (and surrounding areas), however we are still working within the normal NHS budget.  In order for the doctors to deal with a high level of requests and to reduce non-attendance at appointments and avoid prolonged waits to see a clinician, we run an on the day appointment system for GP and ANP appointments. Nurse and HCA appointments can be booked in advance. 

For this system to work we ask that patients kindly submit their requests for a GP or ANP appointment for review AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE ON THE DAY THAT YOU REQUIRE TO BE SEEN. AskmyGP allows us to avoid a queue on the phone and frees up access for those that don’t have internet and this is its principal aim.  ASkmyGP opens on weekdays at 8.00am and closes when capacity has been reached for the day – this is normally around 9am to 9.30am. From then on, only emergencies can be dealt with.

We also aim to provide continuity and appointments at times that are convenient for you, but again this is not always possible in every case. Unfortunately, although we would love to provide open access for all our patients, we simply don’t have the resources to provide this for everyone. We have found that by lunchtime often all the appointments that are available have been filled for patients who have contacted us earlier in the day, which means that we really can only deal with emergency medical problems after this time.

We hope that you understand this, and if you contact us with something that is not urgent later in the day, you will be asked to contact back on another day that is suitable for you.   

Submit your request

Please submit your request as early as possible on the day you would like your request dealt with, ideally before lunch.  Please ensure that you are available either by text, email or telephone so that the GP can contact you, especially in cases where you will need to attend the practice to see a Clinician. 

If you have asked us to contact you by email, please check your email regularly as we try to respond as quickly as possible to all queries.  If you are offered an appointment you may miss it, if you do not check your email till later in the day.

If you have an urgent problem and askmyGP is closed, please RING the surgery on 01563 523593.

If the GP needs to telephone you to discuss your request, they will always try twice to call you, so please keep your phone close by. If you do not answer, your case will be closed.  If you still need assistance, please resubmit your request via askmyGP.

Please do not send photos of genitalia on askmyGP.


We would like to thank all our patients who have provided feedback so far on askmyGP, here are the latest comments we have received:

“Excellent and forward thinking. Saving everybody involved significant time. Good I can also act on behalf of my mum as I work and can simply go online, thanks.”

“Great to be able to have my concerns answered quickly. I also liked that I could submit photos to allow the doctor to be able to evaluate my problem better and quickly. I’m pleased that as a result of this service I’m not taking up appointment time in surgery which allows the practice to use it for someone with more urgent problems”.

Very good support from the Doctors during this time of my current back injury, thank you”.

“100% better than old system”.

“Service is fantastic, always phoned or seen very quickly”.

“This way is better for people who are busy. I was able to put in my request and carry on with my morning. Very prompt and professional response”.

“I have recently joined the Marnock Practice and find the askmyGP service fantastic. I have had now had two queries responded to by email, without needing to arrange childcare or time off work . Thank you“.

Wound Checks and Stitch removal

If you have had to visit the hospital and have been discharged with a wound bandaged or stitched you will be advised by the hospital when the bandage is to be checked or changed or the stitches to be removed at your GP practice. Please note that you should make the appointment with our nurse using askmyGP as soon as you are discharged and you should not wait until the day before the date you want. This is because we only have limited numbers of nurse appointments and the earlier you book the more likely you will get the date you need.