A statement from the GP Partners and Manager of Marnock Medical Group

During the past few months everyone at the practice has worked extremely hard to adapt to the current COVID restrictions and implement new ways of working to keep our patients and staff safe and well.  

The practice has continued to provide a service to our patients, and every member of staff at the practice has worked throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.  

We have followed the guidance issued by the Scottish Government and NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

The Partners have personally invested in services such as ‘askmyGP’ and ‘Medlink’ to increase access to our patients and ensure continued care.

We have sacrificed time with our families and worked unsociable hours to ensure that changes are quickly and successfully implemented so that our patients continue to receive healthcare.

Despite this, our staff have been subjected to an increase in verbal abuse and derogatory comments each day.

The surgery follows NHS Ayrshire & Arran’s Zero Tolerance Policy and we have an Unacceptable Actions Policy which can be accessed here.

Anyone deemed to have breached either of these policies will receive a warning, or depending on the severity of the breach, will be removed from the practice list.

Please be kind.